Keep Sending In Those Box Tops

Would you like to help? Contact Rhonda McIntosh – Box Top Chair!

How to collect your Box Tops:

Each year, the PTA collects Box Tops to raise money for fun and exciting family activities. Last year, you helped us raise close to $3000 and this year we would like to raise even more. Please start collecting and turning in all of your Box Tops for our first submission of the year, November 1st. (We have included a collection sheet on the back of this flyer for you to use.)

The Box Tops committee has to hand count and double check each Box Top before we send it in to General Mills so we would love your help to make this chore a little easier. Please follow these steps to ensure we are credited for all of our Box Tops:

  • Check each Box Top for an expiration date. General Mills does audit each submission and will dock us for expired Tops.
  • Trim each Box Top. This doesn’t have to be perfect but it does make it easier to count and package them.
  • If possible, keep all bonus Box Top certificates separate from the individual ones. Many boxes will have one Box Top on the front and a bonus coupon somewhere else. These have to be accounted for separately.
  • Glue, staple or tape Box Tops to collection sheets in lots of ten. If you have a lot of Box Tops, put them in a Ziploc bag and we will count them into lots of 50.

I know it seems like a lot of work but it is well worth a little effort to help fund PTA skate nights, movie nights, assemblies and other fun events. Remember, each Box Top is worth 10 cents and they add up quick.

Please drop completed sheets or bags of Box Tops in either the collection box in the LTES office or the collection box right outside the DHES office. We are also taking any Box Tops coupons from Albertson’s that you receive at check-out. Just drop those in the boxes too and we will take care of entering the codes and redeeming the Box tops. Thank you again for helping the PTA earn so much Box Tops money!

Shop to earn additional box tops and to support our schools all year long! Also, check out the additional Box Tops promotions in the pdf files!

Supporting PDF Files

Batty For Box Tops
Fall Box Top Collection Sheet
Winter Box Top Collection Sheet
Box Top Online Shopping
Box Top Handout