RAH (Reading at Home)

RAH is a PTA sponsored program that encourages students to read when they are away from school. Students record the number of minutes they read and/or an adult reads to them each day and are awarded ribbons and other prizes for their minutes.


Please record minutes legibly on RAH calendar and list total weekly minutes as well as total minutes for month. If a calendar is not filled out legibly and completely, no prize will be awarded.

Please return calendars to your student’s teacher by the 1st of each month.

Student Awards:

  • Lunch with the Principal for 4 randomly selected readers for each grade level. Students may win this honor only once throughout the year, and are only eligible for lunch with the principal if they have read a minimum 500 minutes, and have completely filled out their calendars.
  • All students returning completed calendars will receive a prize.

**Please contact your RAH committee with any questions or comments**

RAH Chair: Dani Peri

We are looking for someone to work with businesses to renew prize donations for our RAH program.

Please email questions to programs.ltespta@gmail.com